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Not-MD5 Imagery

Wow, I need a better CMS. Thinking of Drupal, though apparently Mambo is
fairly cool as well. I’m open to suggestions, and I might be willing to throw Pizza/Tequila/Defcon passes out at someone who gets this monkey off my back.
Actually, the big risk of having good content management is that
you’ll find yourself coding less and whinging about other people’s code more.
So somehow I’ll need to enforce some sort of ratio system…something like a
minimum LoC/LoW ratio. Maybe I can even synthesize a graphical representation
of said ratio…

Anyway, lots of people have been asking for pictures I’ve taken of them. So I’ll go ahead and push a few links out, thus satisfying my site admin who’s
horrified that I haven’t been maintaining my Gooooooooooooooogle Rank…

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