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Idle Speculation Eventually Stops Being Idle

Mods to VNC, Olivetti-nee-AT&T’s elegant system for remote desktops, have been
around for years.
UltraVNC is probably the best
of them, with its device-driver level support on the Windows side. Or at least,
it was before MetaVNC came along:

MetaVNC pursues a remote desktop environment that users can control applications on different hosts seamlessly. MetaVNC is a window aware VNC. MetaVNC merges windows of multiple remote desktops into a single desktop screen. MetaVNC also comes with its own task bar and application menu, which makes it easy to control applications or windows on different hosts (Java viewer only).

Furthermore, the Win32 version and linux version of MetaVNC viewer merges remote desktops with local desktops. It enables Linux and Windows remote desktops and local desktops to co-exist seamlessly!

If you use MS-Windows as a main desktop and connect remote Linux desktops through VNC, you must love it!


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