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Always Bet On Black (Hat)

The Black Hat Briefings in Vegas for 2001 are almost over, and its been one
hell of a time. This is the first year that I’ve presented(summary: OpenSSH tak
en way too far *laugh*), and despite some small technical difficulties, it went well–thanks to DT for giving me the opportunity! I’m finally becoming
somewhat of a coder, as slow and painful an experience as it is (but then,
I was trying to do flexible string parsing in C, not something trivial
like embedding a SOCKS4 server in the OpenSSH client…). About bloody time
doesn’t begin to cover it. (Kids–there’s nobody more ignored than an
armchair hacker. Remember that.)

As promised, I’m making the slides available — they should be converted
to HTML “soon”; I’ve discovered that PowerPoint is alas yet another roach
motel of a file format. *sigh* If you missed the talk, hitch a plane to Vegas
because it’s happening again on Sunday–though considering it’s the morning
after everyone’s last night in Vegas, I expect about three sober people in the

I’ll be making a reasonably major release at
–the proof of concept
is done, but I want to port it to a few different platforms and write up
an analysis of the attack. In the meantime, enjoy:

  1. Gateway Cryptography: Hacking
    Impossible Tunnels through Improbable Networks with OpenSSH et al.

Incidentally–anyone who does anything without crypto at Defcon is flat out

In other news–I’ve been walking around on a pair of wheeled shoes. Damn they’re slick; I just wish
I wasn’t still limping from that unfortunate incident with the whiteboard.

Don’t ask.

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