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Feeling Used

Now, I do want to say that systems like
TellMe Networks
, and VoiceXML itself
are actually quite cool, if a slight bit non-obvious how to program.
TellMe’s systems actually incorporate non-trivial amounts of speech recognition
technology, which from what I can tell works on occasion.


Sometimes I want to talk to a travel agent. Sometimes I want to fill in
a few web forms. But let me tell you, I’m not optimistic about the future
of talking to a web form*.

Some analysis to chew on:

  1. Speech Vs. Vision:
    A quick summary of my information transfer theory.

  2. Deaf and Dumb: A Critique. An application
    of the previous document to the standard Telephone Registration Systems at
    many college universities. Send me feedback.

Incidentally: Would someone *please* create a trivial HTML->VoiceXML
translator? I can’t wrap my brain around using a document format for a
procedural language just quite yet.

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