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#Nerdflix. Because LOL

So, one of my goals for 2012 has been to write quite a bit more — more code, and more long form analysis. So far, so good.

Doesn’t mean it’s all going to be about security, or even that it’s all going to be all that serious. My whole #Protolol thing worked out pretty amusingly…and so, here’s #nerdflix.

LOL. Some highlights. I can’t even imagine the horrible punnery I’m going to wake up to.

UPDATE 1: Apparently at some point #nerdflix was trending worldwide? It’s certainly taken San Francisco by storm 😉

Anyway, here’s more.

Update 2: Also, Germany. This is not surprising.

@dakami: Memory Resident Evil
@dakami: Driving Miss Daisy Chain (h/t @wadebaker)
@dakami: Raiders of the Lost ARP (h/t @quadling)
@dakami: –wx—— (h/t @ennor)
@AtheistHacker: A Beautiful BIND
@RySub Desperate house wifi’s
@JGoldOrlando: no SALT
@johngineer: Ohm Alone
@kickfroggy: I Now Pronounce You PCI Compliant
@kickfroggy: There’s Something About Mary’s Code
@KrisPaget: Full Metal Packet
@l0qii: Beverly Hills Pcap
@marshray: Batman Returns-into-libc
@mratzlaff: Extremely pwned and Incredibly hosed
@otanistudio: ~/alone
@otanistudio: HTML5 Gordon
@plaverty24: Born on December 31, 1969
@redtwitdown: The Kaminsky Code (cc @dakami)
@wadebaker: Gone with the rm Memorable line: “frankly Scarlet, -rf”
@Walshman23: Girl, Interrupt-driven
@jadedsecurity: Apache Down
@chenb0x: The Netbook
@manzuik: Whitehats Can’t Code.
@afabmedia: Magnum, 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209
@felipeLvalero: RT @Mackaber: RT @Voulnet: Despicable WindowsME / Lol
@0x17h: Gone with the Windows
@vogon: @dakami The SHA-1 Redemption
@vogon: @dakami 1U Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
@ThemsonMester: Oceans 802.11
@enriquereyes: 500 days of evaluation period
@a_r_w: The TEMPEST (staring Van Eck)
@marshray: Batman Returns-into-libc
@marshray: The Bitcoin Miner’s Daughter
@gbrunkhorst: The Little Endian in the Cupboard
@bm_: RT @_jtmelton: @dakami Lost in Machine Translation
@kickfroggy: Paul Blart: Mall CISSP << lol
@0x17h: The Deprecated
@0x17h: All About Eve Online
@afabmedia: So I Married a VAX Murderer
@infojeff: Pink Floyd The Wall of Sheep
@jdunck: Referer never dies /cc @kevinmarks
@kickfroggy: Fast Times at 802.3bg
@kickfroggy: How to Train Your User
@liambeeton: Firewall Club
@longobord: Schindler’s Linked List
@mfukar: reinterpret_cast Away
@obscuresec: Inglorious Hackers
@obscuresec: Toy Story 2++ (should be Toy Story ++2, actually. –Dan)
@pageman: The preg_replace ment Killers
@rattis: hackers on a plane (come one, someone had to do it). (HOAP, is a real thing).
@RySub: Puss in boot sector
@someara: @dakami Oh Backup Where Art Thou
@theharmonyguy: @dakami XSS in the City, with sequel XSS in the City: alert(2)
@ThemsonMester: Oceans 802.11
@Twirrim: 12 Angry Sysadmins
@redtwitdown: @Twirrim Saving Private Ryan [XX……………….] 5.7% 16h47m remaining.
@0x17h: Twelve Code Monkeys
@davehull: APT Pupil
@Mackaber: The Angry Birds
@spridel11: $ whoami Legend
@Pickering: The King’s Speech Recognition Software
@BrightApollo: Saving Private Keys
@fkorling: Apocalype System.currentTimeMillis()
@OhAxi: Teenage Mutant Logo Turtles
@andreasudo: Planet of the APIs
@Ryallcowling: #00FF00 Lantern
@Pickering: The FIOS Connection
@andreasudo: Citizen DANE
@courtneyBolton: Gone with the Meme
@danvesma: Sense and adSensibility
@fkorling: In Her Majesty’s SQL Server
@ThemsonMester: To Kill an AWKing Bird books to movie…
@eikonoklastic: I Know What You Did Last Summer of Code
@mfukar: Port Knocked Up
@mfukar: Fantastic ARCFOUR
@ennor: Top GNU
@SecurityHumor: Two Macs One CUPS
@Madrox: Harry Potter and the Order Of Operations
@hmier: The Manchurian release candidate
@rogueclown: Kernighan and Ritchie do America
@alanpdx: Death Race Condition 2000
@hmier: A beautiful BIND
@Tylos: The Ring 0
@Tylos: ulimitless
@0x17h: The Hunchback of Notre DOM
@afabmedia: Information Technology Came from Outer Space
@Voulnet: BackTrack Mountain
@scottymuse: Sopadish
@davidgropper: The Girl With The Snapdragon Tattoo (cc: @0x17h)
@liambeeton: Independence 0day
@johngineer: 2 Fast 2 Fourier
@l0qii: elements[4]
@Slanderous23: Beauty and the BSD
@dakami: The A* Team (h/t @GKokoris)
@GKokoris: Jurassic PARC
@drb0n3z: James and the Giant Peach Fuzzer
@Mackaber: Indiana Jones and the Last Cross-site scripting
@artisan002: DIMM and DIMMer
@yawnbox: Stateless in Seattle
@addelindh: Low Orbit Ion Canonball Run
@buckstwits: Sudo The Right Thing
@ma1: A Phisher Called from Rwanda
@speno: Enemy Minecraft
@Rzieher: Sheldon Island
@Rzieher: The Men Who Stare at Goatse
@damphi: The good, the bad and the code you inherited from your predecessor
@damphi: Python on a plane
@agnat: 007 – License to … read, write and execute
@b4seb4nd: A League of Their Chown
@damphi: Deep Packet Inspector Gadget
@damphi: RoboCopy
@hvcco: Terminate and stay resident evil
@Nightwolf42: rm -rf / now
@0x17h: How to Train Your Dragon NaturallySpeaking
@FnordZilla: The Breakpoint Club
@0x17h: Paypal It Forward
@bocki_nbg: monty.py
@ArchangelAmael: Guess Who’s coming to Audit
@aymro: Google Intentions 2.0
@alech: When Alice Met Bob.
@stronate: We Need to Talk About Kelvin
@ArchangelAmael: The Birth of an Exploit
@meznak: vi for vendetta
@j4rkiLL: Alien vs. Administrator
@ArchangelAmael: The Grapes of $PATH
@artisan002: Two and a Half Men in the Middle
@angbor3D: Wall-E The Garbagecollector
@SeveQ: The Hills have iPhones
@ThemsonMester: Zack and Miri Configure, Make, Make Install a Porno
@artisan002: Dirty Twisted Pair
@swiftruss: Cowboys and Alienware
@mechtroid: Crank IPv4: Chev must surf the internet constantly. If he doesn’t find something funny every minute, he goes into cardiac arrest.
@eikonoklastic: How Stella Got Her Algorithm Back
@Nightwolf42: It’s a wonderful runtime
@KlaasJohansen: The Big Kernel Lock Theory #ReplaceFilmTitlesWithKernel
@Megaglest: Four web browsers and an Internet
@j0sema: LDAP Confidential
@FnordZilla: Clock Generator Orange
@TeethGrind3r: Crouching Tigerteam, Hidden Night Dragon
@_7and6_: “We can’t stop here, this is bash-country!” – Fear and Loathing in /usr/bin #nerdflix
@TeethGrind3r: Citizen Cain & Abel
@damphi: Dick Tracert
@_7and6_: Sex, Lies and Avi-Files
@yooogan: Watchdogmen
@stevelord: No country for old code
@_c_v_e_n: The Seven Layer Itch
@0x17h: Annie Hall-effect sensor
@apilosov: Da Vixie Code
@ArchangelAmael: The Magnificent Seven; layers of the OSI model
@xomexx: One overflow the cuckoo’s nest
@krizzzn: SELECT American FROM London WHERE wolf = 1
@GoddamnGeek: @dakami EIP Man
@0x17h: Malcolm X11
@imlxgr: The Bucket Sort
@ArchangelAmael: Who >iFramed< Roger Rabbit
@Meihrenfacht: @wlet @BeerweasleDev Lost in compilation ROFL
@ex1up: momopeche: Weekend At Bernoulli’s
@SubwayDealer: SHA Wars
@Voulnet: Batman BEGINS; DECLARES;
@Voulnet: netcat in the Hat
@fmiffal: grep -c “Monte Cristo”
@ira_victor: Monty Python and The Advanced Persistent Grail
@HamdanD: Sharepoint must die
@mrdaiber: wget -shorty / i See Deadpeople / wag the .doc / ctrl-s ‘lastdance.txt’
@HeshamAboElMagd: Pulp Function
@EmadMokhtar: RT @Voulnet: this.IsSparta();
@Ahmad_Hadeed: The Matrix[][]
@juphoff: Tim Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.
@Voulnet: VBScript She Wrote
@old_man_mose: Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Dew
@Ibrahimism: How I hacked your mother
@f70r1: Grave of the Firefoxes
@otac0nFluX: the /x41 team
@mrdaiber: Alice in WLANd
@jochenWolters: Family GUI
@saschaleib: 0x20, the final frontier #NotAMovieTitle
@MagnusRevang: Enemy of the Statemachine
@f70r1: American History XML – an experienced coder wants to prevent his young colleague from taking the same wrong path that he did.
@cmhscout: Rear Windows 3.1
@imlxgr: 2038
@yeahyeahyens: dude, where’s my cdr?
@deepsec: Game of Inodes.
@lnxkid: The XORcist
@f70r1: The Old Man and the C
@webtonull: Ah, forgot “NoSQL for old men”
@mrngm: gcc -Wall -E
@mrdaiber: my big fat32 Greek wedding
@mrdaiber: revenge of the sithadmin
@kinesias: Mozilla (by Roland Emmerich)
@bluehavana: Sk!diocracy
@Politik2_0: 9 1/2 leaks
@SwieSchnubb: The Hurt Logger
@brx0: I dream of JNI
@mbeison: Murder on the Object Orient Express
@robotviki: Das BOOTP
@0xerror: How I Met Your Motherboard
[redacted]: Break Point
@Bashar3A: She’s Out Of My Scope
@JarrarM: AJAX Shrugged
@brx0: Spongebob O(N^2)Pants

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  1. February 19, 2012 at 9:19 am

    I RT’d some good ones that aren’t CAPTCHA’d [above]: http://twitter.com/courtneyBolton

  2. February 20, 2012 at 4:25 am

    Mine from last night!

    csh of the Titans
    Sherlock $HOME
    The Men Who Stare at Goatse
    The Way of the Gnu

  3. February 20, 2012 at 10:04 am

    You are FUN guys, thank You for Existing ¡¡¡¡¡

  4. Julian Abaray
    February 20, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks for being a smart and funny guy

    CPM Jockey for G.K. r.i.p.

  5. jduck
    February 20, 2012 at 7:59 pm


    I archived the search results for 24 hours. Quite amusing. In total I got about 3,000 tweets tagged with #nerdflix:

    [*] Loaded 6139 tweets.
    [*] Oldest found: 171110601983139840
    [*] Newest found: 171444293486133249
    [*] Found 3847 unique tweets
    [*] Found 2899 unique tweet texts

    Of course, there could still be dupes based on slightly modified retweets etc.. Good times =) Some made me LOL to the point that I disturbed my wife =)

  6. February 25, 2012 at 2:49 am


    I see your point, but I was trying to express both Toy Story 2 and 3. 🙂


  1. February 20, 2012 at 3:58 am
  2. February 20, 2012 at 5:06 pm

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