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C’est Graphique 2002

Considering everything I’ve been up to for the last couple of
months, you’d think I’d be satisfied. But alas, there was indeed
one event I had to skip — SIGGRAPH 2002, in (I believe) San Antonio.

Hmmm? A network/security geek, mourning a missed SIGGRAPH?

Not so surprising. I started out in Graphics, before meandering
through Web Design, User Interfaces, Emergency Windows Repair,
Unix Admin, Security, Low Level Networking…heh, and whatever comes
next. But after attending SIGGRAPH 2001, and seeing the Ferrofluid
Protrude, Flow
live, I remembered exactly what attracted me
to graphics in general and SIGGRAPH in particular.

Nothing like your brain calling bullshit on your eyes to wake
you up in the morning.

Anyway, there was some genuinely incredible stuff at SIGGRAPH this
year that, surprisingly enough, I never saw much mention of after
the show. (As it turns out, my absolute favorite piece of work —
the one I myself have become an avid user of — doesn’t even show up
on Google!) This is shocking, to
the point that I’m actually going to bother to report on something
like four months after the fact just because, well, it’s just that

The definitive, though incomplete archive
of papers can be found
; I’ve decided to write about a few of the things that surprised/impressed me. Note, I’m
heavily biased towards those papers that I could actually download the
associated videos of, so very cool sounding things (like
raytracing with pixel shaders
) couldn’t really be checked out. Oh well.

Click here for the review (it used to be attached directly, but it got a bit too long
for the front page).

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