This is usually lawyer-speak.  Well, it’s my policy, and I’m going to write it.

Privacy is important.  Really.  If you don’t feel safe with technology, you won’t use it, and then what am I spending all this time building it for?

So the privacy policy I offer you, is this:  I will treat your data, as I would treat my own.  I won’t be clever or nitpicky or rules lawyer-y about it.  If I need your data to do something, I’ll almost certainly ask you for it, and tell you why, so you can make an informed decision.

Why do I say almost certainly?  Because there are *always* data flows that can be construed this way or that.  You click a link, it comes to a server I control, I theoretically correlate it with other information sources that hint as to your identity, huzzah.  That would violate your privacy just as much as if I looked in some deep dark corner of your phone or local network.  I don’t want to ask you permission to do that, because I don’t want to do that.  I could.  But I won’t.

This is my privacy policy.  You may deem it fit, or not, and I am OK with either interpretation because that is *your* policy for *me* to respect.  Any issues, full refund, no answers demanded.  I admit:  I might ask!

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