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And, we’re back

It has come to my attention that there are forms of writing that do not fit into 140 characters.

I intend to explore them.

This should be interesting.  For the last two years, I’ve been studying DNSSEC — what it is, what it can be, how to make it useful.  Much of what I’ve learned is dotted across the slide decks cited on the right of this blog.

Slides are not papers.  And there’s quite a bit that hasn’t made it into the decks at all.

So I’m going to do something I hope you’ll find useful:  I’m going to blog, in occasionally excruciating detail, the design decisions behind my use of DNSSEC in the Phreebird Suite.  I’m just one engineer, and I won’t always be right.  But hopefully these writings will shed some light on why I switched sides, from someone who thought DNSSEC was too much work for not enough benefit, to somebody who’s decided this is a major shift in the Internet’s ability to deliver secure, scalable, affordable systems.

It is not enough to deliver security.  We must, as a community, learn how to deliver security cheaper.  Like or not, we compete with insecure, and insecure is winning.


Well, you all said you wanted me to work on something that had nothing to do with DNS 😉  Muahhaa.

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