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Virtual Hoff

So Crystal and the rest of Workhabit just threw another Unconference:  Cloudcamp Seattle.  I’m actually pretty impressed with the crowd — there’s representation from Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, and RightScale (who, non-ironically, have actually implemented Cloud on Cloud).   Crystal asked if I’d be willing to do a Cloud Security talk.  The Man couldn’t fly out, but here’s my thoughts on the cloud.  Quick summary:  There are ugly engineering (and procedural) issues we can’t actually ignore, mainly around escaping the management layer and the problem of intrusion disclosure, but:

a) This is such a superior way to deploy software, that I expect to see the necessary modifications to hardware and authentication technologies so as to obviate the threats in this deck, and
b) Private clouds are such an obvious value add that they’ll carry us through until the modifications are implemented.

I’ll throw video on as well if people want.  Enjoy!

When Irresistable Forces Attack

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