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More Epic Than That?

You’d think after Black Hat, Defcon, and the truly absurd Hackers On A Plane / CCC Camp journey, I’d be ready to go home.

Nah. I’m hanging around Europe for another week. Nick Farr has a posse, and he is guiding us on a tour of some of Europe’s “Hackerspaces” — highly creative environments somewhere between artist studios, clubs, and barn raisings. Tonight, we’re off to C-Base, possibly the best known of them, but all week we’re going through Germany and Austria to see just what people are up to.

I suspect I will be losing weekends to 3ric’s Public Nerd Area after all. I blame Bre of MAKE Magazine.

Wow. This entire experience has been exhausting but incredible. I’ve spent this entire month surrounded by astonishingly friendly, deeply creative people. I’ve captured videos, even doing my first interview ever! And I got pelted with water balloons.

On camera.


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  1. August 6, 2008 at 3:19 pm


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