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CCC Camp: DefBurn.

There are many communities in Seattle, but two of the most visible are the Hackers and the Burners (of Burning Man). Though there’s some overlap between the two, they’re rather distinct groups.

The distinction may not exist here, in a small town outside of Berlin. CCC Camp is beyond incredible. I am literally failing to sleep, lest I miss a moment.

Just a day in, here’s a couple tales…


10. Talks are in nuke-hardened aircraft hangars. Yes, I already mentioned this. I don’t care. Best venue evar.
9. Hangar was camouflaged as a hill. Camouflage has been broken by topping hill with a black Pirate flag.
8a. The planes are out front. What part of “MiG-23” is not awesome?
7b. Just in case, internal lighting has been added to most of the jets.
7c. Jets. That’s plural.
6. 24 hour Pasta stand. Next to your tent.
5a. Supermarkets here have wheelchair-accessible shopping carts.
5b. Said carts are in fact hacker friendly.
5c. Said hackers with said carts not met friendlily.
4. NSA listening post? Right over there.
3a. $10G commercial autonomous flying quadrocopters? To your left.
3b. $500 homebrew autonomous flying quadrocopters? To your right
3c. Earthbound? Try the remote control electric wheelchair. (See also: 5a)
2a. FTTC (Fiber To The Camp)
2b. PTTT (Power To The Tent)
2c. DETH (DHCP Ethernet Tracing Hike — 1000 feet to find which tent has the DHCP server.)
1. “Aww! You guys have no power? Come, we have alcohol and we have electricity.” Uh, yes’m.

Seriously, Euro-Peeps? If you don’t come out here right now, an American may very well have to accuse you of being a workaholic. Srsly. Fefe and I summon.

(In other news, photos are being uploaded as we speak.)

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  1. July 15, 2008 at 2:43 am

    Tnahk you!
    From Spain.

  1. July 14, 2008 at 7:53 pm

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