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Katrina News

DoxparaBot2 on AOL Instant Messenger — send “add” to it and you’ll get
all the news WWLTV is putting out on their incredible blog.

(yes, this was KatrinaWWLTV, but they blocked that account…aol really isn’t a great distro mechanism for this sort of thing. Anyone know someone at AOL IM?)

(I give up. AIM repeater down.)

UPDATE: Best comment on the situation I’ve heard yet:

Subground: You know your in deep s**t when Sri Lanka goes “Hey, I think we can help those dudes out.”


One of the most common myths associated with natural disasters is that cadavers are responsible for epidemics. In many cases, the management of cadavers rests on the false belief that they represent an epidemic hazard if not immediately buried or burned. In fact, the health hazard associated with dead bodies is negligible. The collection, disposal, burying and/or cremation of corpses requires important human and material resources which should instead be allocated to those who survived and remain in critical condition.

–World Health Organization


Looting is transition to freedom.


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