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Emergency C Infusion

Perl’s actually a surprisingly cool language — CPAN makes it astonishingly
easy to not only acquire near-arbitrary functionality but, through more
documentation than exists anywhere else in the Open Source community, actually
*gasp* understand what you’re doing. Fun.

That being said, I’ll always be a C hacker…and thanks to my good friend
and former build engineer, Jason Spence, I’ll have some new toys to play with once I return to the blissful land
of raw packetdom (which are so much faster than even generic UDP sockets it’s
not even funny). Check it out:

  • Next Generation Debug: Include this preprocessor
    include in your C code and get error messages that reference the file and
    codeline that spawned the error. It does depend on actually having non-brain-dead
    error handling, though.

  • Stack-Aware Memcpy: Use this version of memcpy
    and get array bounds checking (or at least, an inability for many buffer
    overflows to succeed). Vaguely reminiscent of Libsafe.

Cool stuff!

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