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Help Wanted

The problem with packet slinging is that it’s just far too entertaining.
Every time I sit down to hack on something, I have this list of genuinely
amusing projects to spend cycles on. (Real world — its not that there aren’t
plenty of “gruntwork” tasks that simply must be accomplished, just that it’s
hard to use the hacker energy to execute them.)

Autoconf is not amusing. Neither is content management. At least to me. And, yikes, both
are suffering over here at Doxpara.

So here’s the deal — Paketto needs someone to take over making the code
build on modern systems. There’s some underlying code to patch; I’ll manage
that, no problem. But this complex build tree I have now isn’t easily
scaling to new distros, and that’s really limiting what are actually some
genuinely useful tools. You an Autoconf junkie? Got some interesting stuff
on Sourceforge? Want to flat out move Paketto into Sourceforge?
Mail me.

Then there’s this place. Dave Weekly,
my preternaturally insightful former roommate, assembled this particular
XML and PHP based site design, and I’m much appreciative. But it’s 2004, and
I need the ability to update things more flexibily and more often. I know
enough about web work to know it’s far more difficult than it gets credit
for, at least if you want something with a shred of technical class. There’s
a huge amount of work I’ve done that isn’t showing up on these pages —
my Slashdot and
Metafilter stuff, the
semi-secret but rather popular Apps Page (if Internet
Explorer has to be insecure, we can at least make it useful), and even
the Angel Project w/ Volsuite is nowhere to be found.

It’s getting kind of ridiculous 🙂 So, want to help contribute to my
calvacade of amusing hacks, but aren’t yet up to par when it comes to the
obscure advantages to (say) disabling the authoritative bit in an experimental
DNS server? White Hacker Needs Web Help Badly! Mail me too.

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