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Just because it's not a good idea…

…doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea 🙂 So people are digging through the
horror that is that PPT not meant to be published, and they’re asking…”So what’s actually new?” Hmm. Lesse.

Q: How are you doing large scale DNS data distribution? A: It’s really simple, actually. Individual DNS servers are pretty slow, but there’s quite a few of them out there — over 140,000 on one class A alone. So even if you can only get ~20k off a single server in a reasonable amount of time, when you’re talking to 35,000 servers, 1k/s per server suddenly gets alot more powerful.

Q: When can I get the code? A: OK, the public blogging was premature. Send me an email with “beta” to get on the early distro list.

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