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Where's Dan?

Not dead, not unemployed. Just been in stealth mode for a little while.
The big news is — I’m working for Avaya now, and have been for a couple
months. Yeah. Like I wasn’t travelling enough, I had to go and join a
massive company with a
consulting practice that spans the country 🙂 Not that I’m complaining.
These guys are looking at security in ways I had only imagined…convergence
is alot bigger than I had thought.

That being said…yes, Paketto lives on, and come Black Hat 2003, a major
new release will hit the streets. I’ll hold onto the details a little longer,
but here’s the abstract from Stack Black Ops (my BH talk):

What can your network do? You might be surprised. Layer by layer, this talk will examine previously undocumented and unrealized potential within modern data networks. We will discuss aspects of the newest versions of scanrand, a very high speed port scanner, and the rest of the Paketto Keiretsu. Interesting new techniques will also discussed, including:

  • Bandwidth Brokering – a technique that allows market-based load balancing across administrative boundries using existing TCP protocols
  • DHCP-less Bootstrapping – a sub-optimal but effective strategy for bootstrapping network access for hosts that cannot directly acquire a DHCP lease
  • State Reconstruction – a design model that allows stateless network scanners (such as scanrand) to acquire deep knowledge about scanned hosts
  • Multihomed Node Detection – a simple set of techniques that expose firewalled hosts with alternate paths to an unfirewalled network link.
  • Generic ActiveX Encapsulation – a step-by-step methodology for safely launching arbitrary win32 tools (such as putty or a Cygwin OpenSSH environment) from a web page

We will also be discussing significant advances in data visualization, made necessary by the sometimes daunting amount of raw information these sorts of tools can expose one to.

Between you and me…this is going to be a wild talk 🙂 And yes, that’s a new book. Maybe now I can forget Swordfish.

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