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This isn't how to crack SSH…

…this is SSH on crack 🙂
Such was my line back during
Black Hat 2001; I did all sorts of funky things with OpenSSH.
Since then, some major new stuff has come out. Check it out:

  • LUFS: The Linux Userspace File System.
    lufsmount sshfs://user@host /mnt/dir

    I’ve been saying for quite some time that ssh2’s sftp was the dark horse network file system
    of the future. LUFS ain’t perfect — but wow, that’s one hell of a proof of concept.

  • JSch: Java Secure Channel

    Java may be an “Internet-Ready Language”. Java may be a “Secure Language”.
    Now, finally, we can make Java a “Secure-Internet Ready Language”, without
    having to resort to deploying IPSec. Using JSch, arbitrary Java2 applications
    can route their normal, insecure traffic, through SSH2, to wherever it needs
    to go. In other words — no more
    pain trying to secure and authenticate your Java traffic; just SSH into
    a host and talk securely to the TCP resources at its disposal. Excellent.

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