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It’s been a while–too long. Following with my standard practices of:

  1. Living a life as annoyingly unpredictable as possible
  2. Doing anything not to go to sleep
  3. Eventually injecting personal information into some manner of technical
    tour-de-“force” that was once going to remain pure

  4. Cross-pollinating information and argumentation from as many directions
    as possible.

…I’ve decided to be a bit more open on DoxPara Research(TM)(C)(R)(whatever).

I think the theme of the moment is Chemotherapy. Chemo is generally
the standard treatment path taken for cancer patients, and effectively
involves ingesting poisons that (hopefully) harm tumors more than healthy
tissue. For all the power of modern medicine, one can easily imagine
many traditional healing mechanisms operating in a similar manner.

I think of Chemo for several reasons. Years ago, in high school, our
principal gained some notoriety for accusing the class below us of being,
“the cancer of this school”. Myself, my friends, my roommates, we’ve all
experienced the artifically enchanced growth of technology, benefitted from
it, grown from it…but one wonders whether our growth was hijacked–or even
forged–from the fires of greed, fraud, and simple opportunism.

There are no conspiracies, merely business plans.

It is undoubtable that some consider us a cancer; the ease of mass publication,
thought clearly overstated by many and surprisingly dependent upon the
donations(*cough* investments and advertisements) of a few, has had
undeniable effects–effects that are probably being used to justify the
further agglomeration of media power.

And yet, once again, chemicals exist to handle such paranoia well…

We spend billions every year on depressants…and billions every year
on antidepressants. Just as long as we continue spending billions every year,
the system works.

BioTech: Kinda like tech, only with vast, cavernous pits of capital
contributed by every major and minor company, individual, and government
agency by mass mandate. Unlike Tech, people can’t be rebooted.

I must sleep. I will have to discuss my luminescent chemical adventures
at another date. I will however suggest the following two experiences for
the brave(/bored/searching/seeking intrigue):

  1. Memento. There is a simple concept:
    You are who you remember yourself to be. What happens when memory goes?
    This dislinear film–it begins with the movie’s logical conclusion,
    and ends with its chronological initiation
    –is not to be missed, and
    ironically enough–cannot be forgotten.

  2. The Longest
    . This PC game isn’t new(it came out almost a year ago). It’s
    of a surprisingly “ancient” genre(“the point and click adventure game”). I’m
    not even done with it. But it’s amazingly intricate, surprisingly polished,
    and…hilarious at times. (Never mess with the Fair Use Bureau.
    They’re authorized to use Deadly Force.)

I won’t normally have updates this vast. But it’s my playground, so
they’re my rules to break.

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