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Calm Before The Storm

Question: What do you get when you combine:

  1. Millions of students addicted to Napster
  2. Millions of soon-to-be-college-freshmen itching to join the high speed P2P r
    evolution–and bitter that they missed so much of it.

  3. Advanced technology to allow decentralized search and retrieval of arbitrary

  4. Easy to use collaborative
    for building web sites

  5. A dearth of available and highly skilled notetakers for college classes,
    combined with third party resellers becoming the only source of such notes

  6. A near-complete lack of well-summarized study material to accompany

  7. Extraordinary textbook costs
  8. Fair Use
  9. Work that’s going to be done anyway…quarter, after quarter, after
    quarter…that seems to evaporate entirely.

  10. Information Wants To Be Free
  11. Information Wants To Live Forever

Teachster. It’s coming. More on this

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