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And So It Begins…

Napster is under pretty serious attack by the 9th Circuit, but is apparently
only being held liable for its directory–they refuse to force Napster to
examine actual content.
The most interesting response comes from the Consumer Electronics Association, which essentially makes its money by adding features Hollywood didn’t realize they could charge for.

I’ve got more to say on all that, but for now, I’m just putting up three docu

  1. Cryptography Doesn’t Save Napster, and the War Over Parodies. A post to Jim Griffin’s Pho list that semi-repudiates a consistent urban legend about the power of crypto–and asks the question: What if the only Britney Spears song you could find on Napster was of her singing about silicone implants? Would it matter? 
  2. Passfaces: An Intriguing Way To Authenticate.
    I’m actually impressed. I started writing a pretty extensive rebuttal to this technology, only to find out it actually worked pretty well! Amazing when people actually test their technology before deploying it! 
  3. BugTRAQ– Re: Security hole in Win2K’s FTP server
    What makes a security hole a security hole? An older post which attempts to
    analyze this question. 
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