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DoxPara Research Relaunched!

After an extended hiatus, I’m finally taking the effort to update
the DoxPara Research website. Since last update, I’ve become much
more focused on issues surrounding cryptography, information
security, and much more. I’m in the process of migrating content
into this new infrastructure; archives of my public writings should
be available shortly.

I of course have to thank my
, the inimitable David
. Beyond managing to be one hell of a hacker, MP3 Guru, and
overall most-connected-geek-on-the-planet(trust me), David has
singlehandedly revived doxpara.com through the wonders of

Some further information about what I’ve been up to: I work at
Cisco Systems nowadays; it’s a
fascinating and very supportive environment to say the least. I was
published in Ryan Russell’s
“Hack Proofing Your Network: Internet
, where I wrote extensively on the theory and structure
of Identity Spoofing attacks. If all goes well, I’ll be speaking at SANS
2001 about ridiculously cool ways to use OpenSSH. Past that…well,
I’ll update the site as it happens.

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